Building Your Own Home Skin Care Routine

Building Your Own Home Skin Care Routine
There are several benefits of having a home skin care routine. First, it’s environmentally friendly.
Many people use their spare time to improve their skin. One popular home skin care tip is to
implement a day without makeup skin tightening and lifting device, which gives your skin a chance to breathe. This will result in
fewer breakouts and clogged pores. Secondly, you can wash your face with a mild cleanser
each day to keep it clean without drying out your skin.

After your morning skincare, apply a mild facial cleanser to thoroughly cleanse your face. Avoid
scrubbing. Use lukewarm water instead of hot to avoid stripping your skin of natural oils. Once
you’ve washed your face, apply an eye cream or anti-aging treatment and moisturizer to lock in
the moisture. At night, use a serum or toner geared toward healing, removing dead skin cells and
promoting cell turnover.
Another great remedy for dull skin is papaya. The alpha-hydroxy acids in papaya work as an
exfoliator while the egg whites and yogurt tighten the skin. Mix these three ingredients and apply
them to your face and neck. Leave them on for about 20 minutes. To finish, follow up with a
moisturizer and apply sunblock. If you don’t want to apply anything on your face, a cucumber
slice will do.
When you are building your own home skin care routine, remember to know your skin type.
Different types of skin have different properties and require different treatments. A skin care
professional or a skin care store can provide this information to you. If you’re still confused, read
on to learn more about skin types and how to build a skin care routine that works for your
particular needs. This information is essential when starting a new skin care routine.

Avocado oil is another good ingredient for your home skin care routine. This oil is traditionally
used as a face cleanser and is known for its antioxidant properties. Avocado oil is rich in healthy
fats and is an excellent moisturizer. Avocado oil also reduces fine lines and improves skin
elasticity. The avocado oil also removes free radicals from the skin. And finally, it’s an excellent
natural face cleanser. These ingredients work in tandem to create a great home skin care
routine that is affordable and easy to maintain.
Dr. Shah recommends a dual-cleansing process at night. Before bed, he uses a micellar water
cleanser and then retinol or glycolic acid. The retinol resurfaces your skin without any manual

exfoliation. After the cleanse, he uses Neogen Bio-Peel Gauze Wine Pads that contain naturally-
occurring AHAs.